Leland Marksman 6629

Registration No: 3543019
Born: 04/10/2016


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Leland Marksman 6629 is an excellent calving-ease option that doesn’t give up body capacity, thickness or growth. Anchored by the great Pandora cow family and going back to the M186 cow, Marksman has power in the pedigree. Currently he ranks in the top 21% or better for seven EPD traits.  He is earning a reputation for excellent calving ease and maintaining solid HerdBuilder and GridMaster indexes. His progeny have excellent growth and muscle dimension. Whether for heifer projects or herds looking to make superior quality red replacement females, Marksman is right for the task.


CSS qualified semen available!

  • Birth Weight: 65 lbs
  • 205 Day Weight: 768 lbs
  • 365 Day Weight: 1323 lbs
  • Mature Weight: 2320 lbs
  • Mature Frame: 5.8
  • SC: 41 cm