OOO Sir Loin 5122 (Sexed Female)

Registration No: 3493807
Born: 04/03/2015


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Dark cherry red, big bodied and easy keeping, Sir Loin is a moderate calving ease, cowmaker option that works great for commercial and registered herds. He offers one of the most highly proven pedigrees available in the Red Angus population. The cattle are proven calving ease, with excellent maternal and carcass quality. Sir Loin is the result of a unique mating of Takeover to a full sister to LSF Exclusive which resulted in flawless phenotype and EPDs that rival the breed’s best.  Study his full script of genetic predictions which propel his Gridmaster index into the top 5% of the Red Angus population.  Use Sir Loin as a low birth weight option who consistently sires high capacity, easy fleshing cattle that excel for structural integrity and docility.  His strong genetic contributions to added yearling weight, average daily gain and marbling lend themselves to profitability in many segments of production.

  • Birth Weight: 78 lbs
  • Weaning Weight: 621 lbs
  • Yearling Weight: 1340 lbs
  • Yearling SC: 39.1 cm
  • Yearling Frame: 5.8