Red Lazy MC Benelli 102B

Registration No: 1683796
Born: 02/07/2014


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Red Lazy MC Benelli 102B has been extremely popular for breeders with his outstanding show career as a bull calf in both Canada and in the US.  He is definitely a performance sire with a 946 lb ADJWW and 1484 lb ADJYW with an excellent look and a sound structure.  His dam has been one of the most exciting donors in the Red Angus industry.  One of the most popular Red Angus sires globally with strong breeder acceptance, noted for producing offspring with exceptional performance coupled with a banner winning look.

  • Percent: 100
  • Birth Weight: 71 lbs
  • ADJWW: 946 lbs
  • ADJYW: 1484 lbs
  • Purple Banner Show Sire Prospect