Red NCJ Lazy MC RamblinMan305B

Registration No: 1715893
Born: 03/21/2014


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Some say his dam, Jolene 301N was one of the best cows to ever come through the Red Angus breed. He is sired by the 2014 National Champion Bull, Red Lazy MC Trooper.  Maternal brother to Red NCJ Lazy MC Venom 34Z.  Ramblin Man offers extra skeletal width and muscle without sacrificing the key traits of flexibility and rib shape. A sire with excellent performance data & 50K profile backed by tremendous phenotype, style & structure. He has a balanced profile and will add consistent quality to your next calf crop.

  • Birth Weight: 81 lbs
  • ADJ WW: 708 lbs
  • ADJ YW: 1377 lbs