TLF King of Spades 137

Registration No: 1719600
Born: 03/06/2014


40 remaining

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TLF King of Spades calves have been exceptional, and we expect them to be heavily recognized after Jr. Nationals. This bull has a royal pedigree and is extremely impressive in terms of build and power. Study this one from the ground up – giant feet, stout constructed, wide and bold through his lower skeleton, rib cage and pin set all accurately describe this bull. We think King of Spades’ unique, rugged build and muscularity will power up the next generation. He offers a stacked pedigree, being sired by the famous Card Shark and out of Perfect Storm’s dam. His ability to be so masculine and powerful but near perfect in his build and structural design should allow him to make the right kind of calves for all breeders. His daughters will make great brood cows that will have Stayability in the herd.

  • Birth Weight: 68 lbs
  • ADJWW: 737 lbs
  • Purple Banner Show Sire Prospect