WPRA Legacy A-314

Registration No: 1652090
Born: 02/12/2013


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WPRA Legacy was the high selling bull at the 2014 Cowgirls Sale for $109,000. He offers an incredible set of EPDs, especially in carcass traits where he ranks high for REA and MARB. Phenotypically he is just as impressive, offering a rugged, durable build that is coupled with a solid rib shape and profile.  He is sired by the 2012 Denver, US National Champion Bull, Red Lazy MC Eye Spy 64Y.  His dam is a powerful black/red carrier female from the famous Sitz Everelda Entense cow family. BW 90 lbs AdjWW 764 lbs AdjYW 1396 lbs Yearling SC 41 cm, 16.5 in REA and AAA Marbling score.  Along with his top performance and carcass data, his HD 50K genomic data is amazing.  He currently ranks in the top 21% or better for seven EPD Traits.

  • Birth Weight: 90 lbs
  • ADJ WW: 767 lbs