Maverick 17/557

Registration No: C951166
Born: 01/03/2007


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Maverick is one of our Calving Ease Specialists in our Beefmaster Lineup.  Calves are square hipped and straight topped, with heavy bone.  Maverick is well balanced, deep-ribbed, moderate framed and extremely thick. Ranking in the top 3% for CE and the top 2% for BW.  He also ranks in the top 5% for SC, the top 1% for Stay and the top 4% for $M,  A nice balance of calving ease, growth, fertility and maternal value from the Lyssy Beefmaster Program.

Note: Contact Lyssy Beefmasters at (210) 414-2119 to transfer AI Certificates for this sire – $50 each

  • Percent: 100
  • Horn Status: Horned
  • Color: Light Red
  • WWADJ: 842 lbs
  • YWADJ: 1041 lbs
  • Gold Wreath Calving Ease