Miller 741

Registration No: C1096365
Born: 02/27/2017


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Miller 741 is one exciting sire, new to our Beefmaster lineup in 2020.  This bull was the #1 graded bull at the 2018 Beef On Forage sale with fantastic actual performance numbers, great EPDs and phenomenal phenotype. He scanned with an actual REA of 19.02 (17.6 adjusted) and actual IMF 3.74 (3.72 adjusted). He ranked #1 in WW and #2 in YW in a contemporary group consisting of Tank sons, then went on to be Lot 1 out of over 400 bulls that began the BOF test.  As an individual his data is ideal, with a low birth weight of 70 lbs (ratio 105), WWADJ of 812 (ratio 110) and a YWADJ of 1310, this young sire speaks perfect performance spread.  His Genomic EPD evaluation continues to impress with nine EPD Traits or Indexes in the top 15% or better.  In other words – Performance, Maternal Value, Fertility and Carcass Quality.  This Multiple Trait Leader not only has the stats but completes the whole package when you study his structure, his eye-appealing phenotype, his red hair coat, an ideal sheath design, excellent body depth, spring of rib and overall volume.  Can you tell that we are excited to have him added to our Beefmaster sire lineup?

Note:  Contact Bovine Elite, LLC at (800) 786-4066 to transfer AI Certificates for this sire – $5.00 each


  • Percent: 100
  • Horn Status: Horned
  • Color: Red
  • BWADJ: 70 lbs
  • WWADJ: 812 lbs (Ratio - 110)
  • YWADJ: 1310 lbs (Ratio - 110)