Mr. JS 360/4 “Big JJ”

Registration No: 836281
Born: 01/06/2004


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If you are looking for a herd bull prospect that will add growth and weight per day of age, Mr. JS 360/4 is the bull for you. 360/4 is the fastest growing bull we have ever raised, without sacrificing conditioning.  For his size, 360/4 is extremely correct, standing on excellent feet and legs.  He is a bull that combines muscle, length of side, balance,and has asuper clean sheath. Mr. JS 360/4 is sired by the JJ 204 bull that has done an outstanding job for many breeders throughout the breed.  As an added bonus, Mr. JS 360/4 has captured the Grand Champion title at his last open show in Gonzales, Louisiana.  This performance sire ranks in the top 4% for WW, the top 5% for YW, along with a top 3% for Milk, a top 1% for SC and FAT, a top 9% for CWT and a top 11% for Tend.  A Multiple Trait Leader for sure. 

  • Private Herd No.: 360/4