BRC Stockman 91

Registration No: 1031719
Born: 03/31/2020


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Stockman is super masculine, extremely gentle, backed by a strong maternal focus, and a performance powerhouse. Plus, he’s extremely sound for a bull with this much bone and muscle. Stockman was born unassisted in the low 80’s, weaned at nearly 600 lbs, and smashed down the scales at over 1000lbs as a yearling – all while being developed in our standard bull development protocol of grass pastures and a Purina Accuration (i.e. no show feed.) He’s doing what real world bulls should do and we expect him to add that to his calves.

  • Horn Status: Horned
  • BW: 83 lbs
  • WW: 540 lbs
  • YW : 897 lbs
  • Gold Wreath Calving Ease