JDH Goudeau Manso 174/0

Registration No: 892664
Born: 04/21/2010


26 remaining

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Here is a sire with an excellent pedigree to that stems from a very maternal line of cow families.  He is a powerful performance bull and his progeny are at the top in terms of weaning and performance. He is massive in terms of performance, super sound in his structure and very prominent in his stance.  He ranks in the top 19% for WW and the top 18% for YW EPDs.  Carcass Value also comes into play with this sire with rankings of a top 19% for CWT, a top 16% for REA, a top 1% for Tend and a top 13% for Retail Products.  Plenty of good things come from mating to this sire.

  • Horn Status: Horned
  • Private Herd No.: 174/0