JDH Leonard Manso 182/8 – Foreign

Registration No: 891574
Born: 04/01/2010


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Leonard Manso is a moderate framed bull, dark pigmented bull with exceptional length of body.  He exhibits a clean underline and walks out on a correct set of feet and legs.  His pedigree is stacked with a number of breed champions such as Madison, Berkman, Liberty and Woodman.  A Trait Leading performance sire with a strong maternal value to boot…. ranking in the top 3% for WW and the top 6% for YW, while maintaining a top 7% EPD for Milk.

This item is only available for sale internationally except to Mexico – please contact our office at info@bovine-elite.com to place an order if you are outside of the USA.

  • Horn Status: Horned
  • Private Herd No.: 182/8