JDH Sir Alamo Manso 126/7 (Foreign)

Registration No: 839795
Born: 04/10/2004


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Sir Alamo Manso presents a good weight at birth, weaning and especially weight at a year.  His sire is one of the most requested and used animals in JD Hudgins and in several countries around the world.  Pedigree that gathers the characteristics very well to produce functional cattle.  Animals that add to any herd structure, maternal ability, musculature and heavy weight, such as Lawford, Madison, 202/3 and Union.  Calves are noted for their docility and daughters have great maternal value.  Alamo 126/7 is a very balanced breeder, with a great phenotype, breed character, depth,  pigmentation and a clean underline.

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  • Horn Status: Horned
  • Private Herd No.: 126/7