M2 BRC Captain 518/1 (Domestic)

Registration No: 1003565
Born: 01/12/2016


96 remaining

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M2 BRC Captain is a new sire for 2020 and he is relatively a dark horse that is destined to make a big impact! Brandon and Rachel Cutrer haven’t been this excited about a herd sire since Noble and Dutton. This bull brings in the impact of the V8 191/7 bloodline, which we admire, and the cow power of one of the greatest cow families in the BRC program.  He was never shown and was 100% raised and developed on grass. He displays tremendous muscling, length of body, a manageable birth weight and a great disposition. He represents, in our opinion, the best choice to use to bring in the 191 bloodline available in the breed today.  A bloodline noted for carcass quality, he ranks in the top 8% for CWT and the top 1% for REA.

  • Horn Status: Horned
  • Private Herd No.: 518/1