Mr Kallion Maverick 1649

Registration No: 933405
Born: 07/25/2014


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Mr Kallion Maverick 1649 is one of the top sires being used at Kallion Farms today. He has a moderate frame, heavily boned, extremely quiet demeanor, and an incredibly deep spring of rib. He has the same sire as Mr Kallion 1352 and is the son of Kallion’s well known Miss Kallion 208. Both of his parents went through a feed efficiency test, and both performed the most efficiently out of their contemporary groups. At the end of a breeding season, Maverick looks just as impressive as the beginning. He froze quality semen at just 15 months old, and has been in production ever since. His calves average a 70 pd birthweight, and Maverick himself had an impressive WW of 583 and YW of 1061. His genetics will add power, fertility, easy fleshing, and the carcass and docility traits Kallion Farms is known for. Coming from one of the strictest brahman operations in the country, Maverick is an ideal sire to be used in registered and commercial cattlemen’s operations.

  • Horn Status: Horned
  • BW: 76 lbs
  • Gold Wreath Calving Ease