Mr. V8 274/7 “George”

Registration No: 907982
Born: 01/07/2012


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Nicknamed “George” and known throughout the world for his great disposition.  Mr. V8 274/7 is a high performing bull that excels in many areas.  His sire is the outcross bull Mr. V8 354/6 who was shown by John Michael Moss and later sold as a herd bull for Windy Hill Ranch.   After V8 saw the calves at Windy Hill they used 354 in their AI program and found the calves to be heavy muscled, good natured, and performance oriented.  Mr. V8 274/7 was Reserve Grand Champion at the 2013 Kickoff Classic and has been a consistent show ring champion and contender throughout his show career.  This semen was not on the public market before was added to Bovine Elite’s lineup in 2017 as a fresh new sire that was never before offered.  George is also Multiple Trait Leader. In 2021, two heifers sired by George sold in V8’s Made for Magic sale for $36,000 and $40,000.


CSS qualified semen available!

  • Horn Status: Horned
  • Private Herd No.: 274/7
  • Breeder: V8 RANCH
  • Purple Banner Show Sire Prospect