Mr. V8 901/4

Registration No: 733891
Born: 05/08/1995


64 remaining

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This was the 1998 International Champion Bull.  If you asked any elite Brahman breeder worldwide, chances are they would say that during the course of the last 15 years, they’ve had success using +Mr. V8 901/4. The reason 901 works so well is because he is a light birth weight sire and one of the most eye appealing, structurally correct sires in the breed.  Consistency is his best quality.  His offspring are easy fleshing, good-doing cattle that are very merchandise-able.   +Mr. V8 901/4 daughters make great cows that work well with many different sire lines.  Even today, there are numerous 901 offspring in the V8 show string and on the ABBA show circuit with other breeders because of his dependability.  He is the sire of the 2013 International Champion Female and 2013 All American Champion Female, as well as numerous other recent show winners.  Even today, V8 use 901 as their “go to bull” for siring consistent quality.   He is also noted for his carcass quality with top rankings in REA, Tend and Retail Products.


  • Horn Status: Horned
  • Private Herd No.: 901/4
  • Breeder: V8 RANCH
  • Purple Banner Show Sire Prospect