CRC Guardian 9U8U5

Registration No: R10122023
Born: 03/20/2008


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This tremendous Csonka son has produced plenty of outstanding offspring that set him apart from other Brangus sires.  Guardian’s ability to sire calves with moderate birth weights that convert and top the scales at weaning, and then again as yearlings have allowed him to excel in the Brangus breed.  Guardian currently ranks in the top 20% or better for six EPD traits.  Guardian is a great option to use on moderate framed Brangus, Ultrablacks and Angus needing extra shape, design and performance.  Backed by one of the top cows in the breed Miss 4L Best Bet 9U8P5, the consistency of use-able, marketable calves is showing up when breeders use Guardian in their AI programs.  He can add breed character and bone, maintaining depth, length and muscle in his calves.  He is one of the most widely used Brangus sires in crossing with Angus females to produce Ultrablack females and bulls.

  • Developmental Duplication: DDF