Sankeys Special Op 108E

Registration No: R10343452
Born: 01/15/2017


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This Brangus Sire has a unique pedigree, combining calving ease, performance and show ring eye appeal.  Sired by the now deceased CB Final Cut 924X, his EPDs rank him in the top 10% for CED, top 25% for BW, top 5% for WW, top 4% for YW, top 10% for TM, top 3% for REA and top 20% for IMF.   He had a BW of 65 lbs, 205-day weight of 805 lbs with a ratio of 110 and a 365-day weight of 1217 lbs with a ratio of 111.   His scan data has a 15.24 REA with a ratio of 115, and IMF of 3.08 with a ratio of 107, SC – 38cm. This moderate framed, sound, good moving individual is a real beef bull!  This young sire will be keeping up with today’s industry while filling all the data boxes.  He will also be a herd sire producer and give you those really nice replacement females to keep back in your herd.

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