SR Apache Warrior A368

Registration No: R10250813
Born: 11/08/2013


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SR Apache Warrior A368 may be the best MC Abrams 468T22 son walking.   A368 combines powerful growth and carcass performance while maintaining strong maternal value.  He is a Multiple Trait Leader with exceedingly high Percent Rankings for WW (top 5%), YW (top 4%), REA (top 10%) and a %IMF EPD percent ranking that makes you pay attention at the top 20% of the breed.  A368 sires bull calves that mash down the scales with great herd sire potential but we expect his daughters to find a home in your keeper pen as well.  This MC Abrams son is the real deal!  Expect his terminal intended progeny to top the scales at weaning; but make room in the keeper pen for A368 sired daughters and potential herd sires.  Maternal value and high fertility are built into this bulls pedigree.