TCB Catawba Warrior R532

Registration No: R10009407
Born: 02/18/2005


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TCB Catawba Warrior R532 has been our top Brangus semen sales sire for many years.  He is now deceased and there is a limited quantity of semen remaining.  He has been a Multiple Trait Leader for many Sire Summaries and his ability to throw low birth weight calves that convert and top the scales at weaning have demanded more repeat customers than any other bull in the breed.  His current EPD ranking sets him in the top 20% or better for nine EPD traits and/or Indexes.  Born in 2005, TCB Catawba Warrior R532 has become the Summit Sire that does more right than any other bull in the Brangus breed.  He is a bet-the-ranch, high accuracy Curve Bender with well over 1300 progeny, from 89 herds in the Brangus database.  R532 has always been close to the top for Low BW and High YW EPD Percent Rankings.  Additionally, he has become a Perennial Trait Leader for Milk and TM EPDs siring cows with longevity, solid feet and near perfect udders.  Over his lifetime, he has repeatedly appeared as a Multiple Trait Leader and doing it all in a frame score 6 package.  Catawba Warrior is a Summit Sire (a bull that has sired at least five Summit Females).

  • Developmental Duplication: DDF
  • Contractural Arachnodactyly: CAF