OB Red Charlie 204C3

Registration No: RR10287537
Born: 01/30/2015


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OB Red Charlie was named Calf Champion at the San Antonio Livestock Show.  This guy is a “Meat Wagon” in a sound package that features structural integrity, soundness. tremendous power, depth and muscle.  Charlie combines the power of the Red Bull line with the style and eye appeal of the Yucatan. He is one of the most correct and eye appealing bulls that OB has ever produced.  OB MBJ Charlie 204C3 dam Sureway 204M, is one of the elite marquis donors of the Red Brangus breed.   A proven consistent donor and dam of many renowned icons of the bred like OB Red Bull, OB LEGO, OB Charlie 204C3, OB Cristal 204C2.  His sire TRIO’s Yucatan 175Y has a commanding phenotype resulting from the proven mating of TRIO’s Sequoia 112S and Miss Fancy 175/4.   His moderate frame is packed with a highly expressive muscle pattern.  Yucatan offers a lineage that is an outcross and compliment to most every Red Brangus bloodline.