Sureways Legacy Mr 060S

Registration No: RR10050321
Born: 01/02/2006


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One of the best recognized bulls in the Red Brangus Breed.  His top progeny can be found in herds in several countries.  Very consistent and uniform offspring.  He exhibits tremendous bone and an awesome phenotype.  Very docile, and his calves are the same way.  Shining in the show-ring and in the pasture, Legacy speaks for himself.  A Sureway Rocky’s son bred to the donor 023L, a tremendous Sureway Mr. Easy 600J daughter.  Sureway’s Mr. Easy is a son of Easy Street of Brinks, well-known by Brangus breeders as a superior bull for carcass traits in the IBBA and fortunately for Red Brangus breeders a red gene carrier.   Legacy was the 2008 Oklahoma State Fair Grand Champion Red Brangus Bull, the 2008 State Fair of Texas Grand Champion Red Brangus Bull Legacy combines a total genetic package, powerful EPDs, as well as an outcross to most Red Brangus lines.  He works on all types of cows to add power, bone and a great phenotype.   Extremely high Intramuscular Fat scores.  His progeny have very large rib eye areas.  Legacy will add performance and marbling as well as producing eye appealing cattle, with a gentle nature.  Daughters are very fertile and have beautiful udders.

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