Dip Stick 49/4

Registration No: B-5489
Born: 04/02/2004


8 remaining

Believed to be the most consistent easy calving sire at DCCI. He is totally recommended for all first calf heifers. Although his own birth weight is 74 lbs, his average progeny birth weight on two year old heifers is 64 lbs. He is a son of Cycle Progress with his perfect top line and great package of family characteristics. His dam, Orisular is a 1200 lb female and a daughter of Circular by Ultimate Circle. He was born in 2004 and quickly showed his genetics offered a lot for breed improvement. He is recommended for registered Buelingo or non belted use for a high percentage of correct belts.

  • Horn Status: Polled
  • Color: Black & White
  • Birth Weight: 74 lbs
  • Mature Weight: 1950 lbs
  • Brand: 49/4
  • Gold Wreath Calving Ease  
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