MGE 1209/918

Registration No: MCB323359
Born: 04/19/2012


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MGE 1209/918 is an excellent Charbray bull with a tremendous muscle pattern. He is thick made, long-bodied, with extra volume.  A very easy doing, easy converting sire that will add extra pounds to his offspring. He is out of a first generation cow and a second generation bull. We anticipate great offspring from this attractive, clean underlined, structurally sound sire.

Note:  For Herd Book de Mexico Terminology, click on the image below the bull’s photo.

  • Percent: Pure Charbray
  • Birth Weight: 95 lbs (43 Kg) Index - 98
  • Adj WW: 510 lbs (232 Kg) Index - 96
  • Adj YW: 776 lbs (352 Kg) Index - 102
  • Mature Weight: 2100 lbs (954) Kg)