RFG Leona 250-3 CHY

Registration No: MCB335550
Born: 06/09/2013


167 remaining

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RFG Leona 250-3 CHY is a First Generation bull out of LEV LAUREL WIND W08. He is the first polled bull to be utilized in the Rancho La Leona herd.  A polled daughter out of 250-3 has been integrated into the same program to continue with this polled trait. He is moderate framed, extremely well-muscled, very sound and fertile. The sire of W08  (Laurel) was one of the bulls that Bovine Elite imported from Charolais Optimal in the 90’s and was noted for calving ease, maternal value and structural soundness.

Note:  For Herd Book de Mexico Terminology, click on the image below the bull’s photo.

  • Percent: Pure Charbray
  • Horn Status: Polled
  • Birth Weight: 62 lbs (28 Kg) Index - 84
  • Adj WW: 467 lbs (213 Kg) Index - 105
  • Adj YW: 746 lbs (339 Kg) Index - 124
  • Mature Weight: 2140 lbs (972 Kg)