Registration No: FFM443130
Born: 12/01/1987


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This is a Charolais Optimal Sire that we imported semen on in 2004 – 2007.  Currently 68 progeny registered with AICA.  CASOAR was born in 1987 has still a lot of breeding values above average with extremely high reliability.  in France.

Current Update From France: July 2019

In France his profile is really maternal – fantastic maternal ease of calving (114), milk ability (103) and long production life in his daughters (116).  There a lot of daughters from him aged 10-12 years in production.  His growth is good as well, he is producing moderate size cattle that better in female production.  Bulls are less spectacular with not as much muscling and mating should take in consideration feet & leg quality as he is not a feet and leg improver.

Note:  Bovine Elite has authority to provide AI Signings on Casoar.

  • Horn Status: Horned