ACE-ORR Efficient 972

Registration No: M793475
Born: 10/17/2009


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We thought we had lost this sire for ever when we ran out of semen this fall.  But sometimes you get lucky and have the opportunity to find that the bull is healthy and able to collect semen again as a 9+ year old.  We have just received our initial inventory of semen and have placed him back in our 2019 Sire Directory.  This Grid Maker son out of a Polled Value daughter has made a name for himself in terms of progeny performance, maternal value, fertility and carcass merit.  In the current evaluation, he ranks in the top 1% for Milk, MTL, CW and TSI, the top 2% for REA, the top 3% for YW, the top 6% for MARB, the top 8% for SC and the top 15% for WW.  We have posted a mature photo of the bull while he is in stud.  He is in great shape and extremely fertile for nearly ten years.  Note that we have changed the pricing of his semen and signings from what it was previously in years past.  Semen is also Canadian qualified, contact us for details.

Update 3/7/19:  Current weight – 2240 lbs, Hip Height – 56 inches, SC – 46cm

Update 3/19/19:  Efficient is now registered in Canada – MC764292

  • Horn Status: Polled