BR Duke 261

Registration No: M246564
Born: 04/24/1983


176 remaining

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In late 1984, Wienk Charolais, Lake Preston, South Dakota, purchased a bull from Bauman Ranch, Carpenter, Wyoming with no fanfare. They didn’t know it then, but that bull would change the Charolais breed throughout the world over the next several decades.   BR Duke 261 was calved in 1983. Wienk Charolais had their first calves by him in the fall of 1985.  Since then, he has had 3339 calves registered in the US, with calves being born every year through the present. He came on the scene for a lot of reasons.   He was polled, his calves were smaller framed and thicker, and the cows were good milking, good uddered, easy keeping cows. The early genetic evaluations in the Charolais breed identified him as a leader across several important traits.  Even now, after over thirty calf crops, his EPDs are still respectable, and he’s still in the top third of the breed in weaning weight, milk and carcass weight.


  • Horn Status: Polled