Cooley Royce 1107T39

Registration No: M745957
Born: 02/19/2007


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Cooley Royce has been a stand out HCR Rancher son for us.  He is moderate framed, stout structured, powerful and fits nicely into our herd sire line-up.  His offspring a very deep bodied, heavy structured and are making top brood cows.  His EPDs rank him in the top 7% for Milk, the top 15% for MTL, CW and MARB and the top 25% for TSI.  He will add carcass quality, fertility and maternal value to your herd.  He is the paternal grand sire to OW Lead Time, a popular addition to our Charolais sire lineup.  Exportable and Commercial semen is also available.


  • Horn Status: Homozygous Polled
  • Qualified for Canada