DC/CRJ Tank E108 P

Registration No: M905524
Born: 02/08/2017


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Our lineup of awesome Charolais sires remains strong with the addition of DC/CRJ Tank E108 P M905524 from Eaton Charolais Ranch.  His sales have really taken off lately because he does plenty of things right for the Charolais breed.  Tank currently ranks in the top 3% for YW and CW, the top 2% for TSI, the top 15% for WW, the top 20% for MTL and the top 10% for REA.  Performance spread, maternal value and carcass merit in a unique pedigree from DeBruycker Charolais that will compliment many popular bloodlines, with an attractive phenotype as well.

Update from Owners:  All reports so far is calving going great and calves jumping up and getting going nicely. I am very satisfied with our calves as well thus far.  He is the right size, neither runty or extreme, with a big gas tank to consume and convert. (Brett DeBruycker)

  • Horn Status: Polled