FTJ Monticello 1806

Registration No: M914065
Born: 01/23/2018


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This Semen Requires a 0.25ml or Universal Style AI Syringe

FTJ Monticello 1806 is quite possibly the most unique and complete Charolais bull in the breed.  His current EPD package ranks nine of his 15 traits in the top 15% of the breed or better. This includes a top 1% of the breed for CW, MARB and TSI.   1806 is backed by the famous Shandy cow family that produced the hall of fame sire LT Unlimited 9108.  He is destined to replace his revolutionary sire, offering improved EPD’s, a nice phenotype and a strong cow family, while maintaining an exceptional structure and feet design as well. These are functional traits that all breeders desire for longevity in the herd.

  • Horn Status: Polled
  • Birth Weight: 78 lbs (ratio 82)
  • Weaning Weight: 753 lbs (ratio 102)
  • Yearling Weight: 1366 lbs (ratio 109)
  • SC: 38.5 cm (21 mos)
  • Yearling Frame: 6.4
  • Hip Height: 57.5 inches (21 mos)