FTJ Monticello 1806

Registration No: M914065
Born: 01/23/2018


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We have been looking for that just right VPI Free Lunch son to take his sire’s place and J-MAR Genetics has certainly filled that bill with Monticello.  This young sire steps ahead of the rest with a Charolais Genomics EPD panel that is impressive and exciting.  Let’s start with calving ease with a top 4% for CE, a top 6% for BW and a top 2% for MCE.   Moving forward with performance rankings in the top 7% for WW and a top 2% for YW.  You want your cattle fertile and the data indicates a positive correlation for his sons and daughters with a top 2% for SC.  We’re not leaving carcass value behind with a top 1% for CW and MARB.  He brings it all home with a top 1% TSI for the breed.  A solid pedigree coupled with a Multiple Trait Leading data profile definitely makes all of us sit up and take notice of this young sire.

  • Horn Status: Polled
  • Gold Wreath Calving Ease