JMAR Benaiah 1E66

Registration No: EM879759
Born: 02/13/2016


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JMAR Benaiah 1E66 is a son of the rare and unique Schurrtop V351 E423, out of the JMAR 6X donor and one of the top Free Lunch daughters in the country. His unique pedigree, EPD profile and phenotype make him a bull we get really excited about. He brings to the table breed average BW coupled with top 5% growth and CW, he posts a big REA and has an off the charts top 1% MARB EPD. Benaiah is super long spined and good structured, he stands on a big foot and moves out well.  Here is a sire that has the performance, maternal value, carcass merit and a unique pedigree will certainly have breeder appeal.  He is also DNA tested homozygous polled.

  • Horn Status: Homozygous Polled
  • Birth Weight: 108 lbs
  • Weaning Weight: 769 lbs