LT Blue Mountain 1041 PLD

Registration No: M805531
Born: 02/17/2011


59 remaining

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Here is a big performance sire with Trait Leading EPDs for WW and YW.  With individual performance of a 875 lb WW @122 ratio and a 1541 lb YW @122 ratio, it’s not hard to believe his calves will grow as well.  High fertility pedigree with a top 8% ranking for SC.  Carcass Trait Leader with a top 8% for CW and top 6% for MARB.  Top this off with a Trait Leading top 5% for TSI, keeps this sire in the leading edge for overall performance in the breed.  To be safe, we would recommend using this sire on mature females that have no history of calving problems.

  • Horn Status: Polled