LT Citation 5228 PLD

Registration No: M866811
Born: 03/14/2015


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LT Citation’s impressive performance, ultrasound data and phenotypic excellance are rolled into one as he follows in the footsteps of the many trait leaders in his pedigree.  A Multiple Trait Leader himself, with no less than seven EPD traits in the top 20% or better.  It’s not hard to believe that he has a top performance rating passed down from his sire, LT Sundance,  He ranks well above the rest with a MTL in the top 20% and a SC in the top 1% for the breed.  He is wide-based and deep-ribbed, with an excellent structure and sound feet.  Out of a top dam with an average WW ratio of 106 on five calves.  Citation is also homozygous polled.


  • Horn Status: Homozygous Polled
  • Birth Weight: 88 lbs
  • WWADJ: 975 lbs
  • YWADJ: 1545 lbs