LT Dakota Rush 5500 P

Registration No: M865074
Born: 02/14/2015


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We are seeing great things from this low birth weight, high growth, super correct son of LT Rushmore.  And like his sire, he is a chip off the old block with trait leading data for CE, BW and Yearling growth.  Ranking in the top 3% for CE and top 5% for BW EPDs.  Performance minded with a top 10% for WW and a top 15% for YW.  Throw in a top 6% for CW and a top 15% for TSI and here is a sire you can totally use throughout your program.  His calves to come easy at birth and are vigorous.   A super growth curve as an individual with a 107 WW index and a 109 YW index. It’s time to Rush right out and get some Dakota Rush for your AI program.


  • Horn Status: Polled
  • Gold Wreath Calving Ease