LT Long Distance 9001 PLD

Registration No: M780143
Born: 02/09/2009


75 remaining

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Long Distance first attracted attention as the second high-selling bull in the 2010 Lindskov-Thiel Bull Sale.   Now with plenty of heifers calved to Long Distance, the data points to shorter gestation and true heifer calving ease.   More than a heifer bull though, Long Distance progeny will distance themselves from the pack with docile temperaments, sound structure and lots of eye appeal.   Ranking in the top 15% for CE and Milk, the top 9% for BW in the breed, he is well documented for calving ease and low birth weight.  He has been a multi-year double trait leader for Calving Ease and Low Birth Weight, and is recommended for heifers.  He has been used across the country on hundreds of heifers, both purebred and commercial.  With over 2600 purebred progeny with data, he has proven to be a bull with short gestation’s and a true heifer calving ease sire.

Update May 2019:  The LT Distance sire line is well documented as being benchmark bulls for calving ease, vigor at birth, quiet temperament and quality. LT Long Distance is still used in natural service at 10 years of age. Use Long Distance sons and grandsons to improve feet, temperament, quality and marbling merit. He has been bred to thousands of purebred and commercial heifers.

  • Horn Status: Homozygous Polled
  • Gold Wreath Calving Ease