LT Long Shot 1045 PLD

Registration No: M805534
Born: 02/19/2011


98 remaining

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Performance and Maternal Value are not a Long Shot for this sire, ranking in the top 4% for YW and the top 15% for WW, and the top 15% for MTL.   Add Carcass Quality to his portfolio with top 5% ranking for CW, and a top 10% for TSI makes him a Trait Leader for a number of categories.  A nice combination of Long Distance and Wyoming Wind in his pedigree.  Moderate birth, milk and carcass with excellent growth and scrotal.  We call him “Mr. Structure”. His progeny are like him – correct in every way.  He sires them moderate in frame with lots of depth, rib and muscle. The Brenda cow family needs no introduction – superior udders, powerful females.  He stamps his calf crop, which is the mark of a great herd sire. You know they are Long Shot at birth, right along through yearling.  His daughters have super udder structures, are moderate in size and are easy fleshing.  Use him to add structure, depth and spring of rib, performance and fleshing ability.

  • Horn Status: Polled