LT Venture 3198 PLD

Registration No: M835612
Born: 03/11/2013


14 remaining

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A featured bull in the Lindskov-Thiel 2014 Bull sale, selling for $50,000.  He is a maternal brother to LT Sundance in the Genex lineup. Their dam is fast rising to the top of the LT herd having weaned three calves for an average ratio of 107 and an average yearling ratio of 111.  He’s an easy doing sire with a great phenotype. Use LT Venture to improve feet, temperament, body type and dimension, fertility and performance.  Homozygous Polled, Multiple Trait Leader.   Adj WW ratio – 105@ 787 lbs, Adj YW ratio – 110@ 1469 lbs.

Update:  Pounds plus, disposition, doing ability and a unique pedigree shine in Venture progeny. His daughters in production have superior milk and udder scores. Use Venture with confidence and take his EPDs and the marketability of his calves to the bank.

  • Horn Status: Homozygous Polled
  • Birth Weight: 84 lbs
  • WWADJ: 787 lbs
  • YWADJ: 1469 lbs
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