M6 New Standard 842 P ET

Registration No: EM756753
Born: 02/12/2008


37 remaining

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LT Rio Bravo’s most notable son.  There is a limited inventory of M6 New Standard 842 P ET semen for sale.  We all know what this bull has accomplished over his lifetime as a Multiple Trait Leader in numerous Sire Summaries over the years.  Contact us for semen because when the current inventory is depleted, we may never list him again.   He currently ranks in the top 15% of the breed or better for nine EPD Traits, including a top 2%TSI. – December Summary 2018.  He has been a favorite of breeders coast to coast for years and was our #10 Charolais Semen Sales Leader in 2017-2018.

  • Horn Status: Polled