MLS Painted Warrior C722

Registration No: EM863600
Born: 04/03/2015


44 remaining

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Bold in design, rib shape and muscle.  Painted Warrior is powerful from all angles. Sired by the top performance & carcass sire in the breed, LT Sundance, and out of the powerful W910 donor, this gentle powerhouse stamps his calves with attractive design and solid Charolais breed character.  They are good headed, clean fronted calves that stand on good bone and a great foot.   Performance with a top 10% for WW and a top 3% for YW.  Maternal Value with a top 7% for Milk and a top 2% for MTL.   Carcass Merit with a top 1% for CW and a top 2% for REA.  Finally a Trait Leading TSI in the top 5% of the breed.

Update June 2019:  Take a look at Painted Warrior in his working clothes taken in June 2019.

  • Horn Status: Scurs