Rio Colonel B133

Registration No: M857140
Born: 03/15/2014


110 remaining

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We really like this Hank son and the pedigree he has going back to Oakdale Duke 9003P. Rio Colonel B133 is the culmination of the breed’s most proven performance genetics and the visionary breeders who used the best technology available to them.  Many legendary sires are stacked deep in colonel’s rich pedigree, including BR Duke 261, 2244, VCR Sir Duke 914, Tradition 066 in addition to Cigar.  As for cow families, Colonel’s pedigree includes the breeds’ best known females from the Lindskov-Thiel, Pate, Oakdale, Ascherman and Morven programs.  Colonel sires sound, big footed, free moving progeny with extra depth of rib and abundant muscle shape in very balanced structure.  Colonel progeny are setting the pace at Rio Ranch and NextGen Cattle Company, exhibiting impressive scan data.  Soon the first Growsafe feed efficiency data on colonel progeny will be available and early indications reflect that Colonel progeny are truly efficient.  Every sire in the last three generations of this bull’s pedigree has been in the Bovine Elite lineup, and are noted breed leaders.  Structurally, B133 is as solid as they come and built right.  His current EPDs are balanced for performance, maternal value and carcass quality.

  • Horn Status: Polled
  • WWADJ: 732 lbs