WC Big Ben 9036 P

Registration No: EM775980
Born: 02/26/2009


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Big Ben is a CE and BW Trait Leader.  His pedigree stacks proven calving ease, fertility and convenience traits. Breeders love his calving ease and their vigor at birth. This is a moderate polled bull with flawless phenotype and structure, backed by a powerful 914 cow family that has a proven track record.  He ranks in the top 15% or better for six EPD traits.  He sired the Grand Champion Bull at the American Royal National ROE Charolais Show in his first calf crop and is DNA tested homozygous polled.

  • Horn Status: Homozygous Polled
  • Birth Weight: 76 lbs
  • WWADJ: 756 lbs
  • YWADJ: 1214 lbs
  • SC: 38.5 cm (24 mos)
  • Hip Height: 49 inches (24 mos)
  • Gold Wreath Calving Ease