WCF Mr Silver Gun 467

Registration No: M847860
Born: 03/14/2014


410 remaining

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WCF Mr Silver Gun 467 is the currently ranked as the #1 TSI  AI Sire and a Multiple Trait Leader in our Charolais sire lineup.  Bred by Weber Charolais and added to the Doll Charolais program, he has been a phenomenal influence to an already exceptional cattle breeding program for Doll Charolais.  As an individual, he had an impressive WWADJ ratio of 110 and a YWADJ ratio of 119.  His ultrasound ratios for carcass quality were 101 for REAADJ at 16.89 and 128 IMFADJ at 5.02.  His ADG was a 5.2 lbs.  Currently he ranks in the top 1% for WW, YW, MTL, SC, CW and TSI, and the top 2% for REA.  If you don’t have a Silver Gun in your herd, here’s your opportunity.  Yearling data: Frame 7.2, 1585 lbs, .29 inches fat, 5.02% IMF, 16.89 inch REA.

Update From Breeders:  Feet on all the sons have been solid, Dolls haven’t trimmed or touched Silvergun’s feet yet either. Frame is a solid 7.2.  He is homozygous polled.  Daughters have small teats with added milk, and are really pleased with udder quality and they breed back right away.

Update from Bull Owner:  Love the fleshing ability, super calm to work with, good feet, daughters milk well, but just don’t breed to your power cows and you’ll be okay.

  • Horn Status: Homozygous Polled