Light Em’ Up

Born: 04/16/2016


24 remaining

An American Cross bull with excellent color.  Light Em Up is clean necked, deep bodied, wide based and moves like a big cat!   He has loads of middle and real muscle.  He also has plenty of character to use on low percentage “Americans” to raise those hard-to-find kind and we feel he is good enough that he’s not only limited to producing Americans.   Light Em Up has the best overall set of calves on the ground this season. Use on both Exotics and American influenced cattle.  Every time you turn around in the pen his calves catch your eye. He’s just flat good and the right kind to utilize across a wide variety of females!   (Jimmy the Greek x Warner Simbrah)

  • Horn Status: Polled
  • Birth Wt: 83
  • TH: Carrier
  • PHA: Free