Front & Center

Registration No: 390235
Born: 04/27/2014


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Front and Center is one of the most unique bulls that we have seen in a long time. With his eye appealing looks, extra width, extra length and depth of body, we think he can be a cow changer.  With his proven genetics, he has been admired by many and used successfully to produce show winning offspring.   He was appreciated by many at the 2015 Denver bull display and was a crowd favorite just like his dad, Walk This Way.  TH: Free and PHA: Free  BW: 88 lbs

Pedigree: 2.695% CA | 43.945% MA | 8.92% AN | 44.44% XX

  • Horn Status: Polled
  • Color: Black and White
  • Birth Weight: 88 lbs
  • TH:: Free
  • PHA:: Free