Getcha Some ET

Registration No: Chianina #389849
Born: 02/04/2015


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If you want them with a perfect back leg, soft chubby look, and a high neck set, Getcha Some will be right up your alley.  We really feel that this bull will breed similarly to Monopoly.  Getcha Some has two shots of Heat Wave in this pedigree and the famous Kelli Cow.  His mother is a maternal sister to Made To Order and M202, a crowd favorite in the yards at Denver in 2016.  This bull has the bold look and attractive color pattern to make you notice.

  • Horn Status: Polled
  • Color: Black and White
  • Birth Wt: 90
  • TH: Carrier
  • PHA: Free
  • Makeup: 10.03% CA | 35.59% MA | 40.85% AN | 13.53% XX