MINN Roulette 9A

Registration No: AMA #444507
Born: 02/08/2013


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Here is a great option to put maternal ability back into your herd without sacrificing that freaky show ring look we all like. This is an exciting sire that has maternal value written up and down his impressive pedigree.  This is a commercial man’s dream bull with stoutness and performance, yet he has all the right parts to be appreciated in the purebred business as well.  Power, performance, and eye appeal, here’s a bull that looks like a bull and sires heifers that look like heifers.

  • Percent: PB Maine
  • Horn Status: Scurred
  • Color: Black
  • Birth Weight: 62 lbs
  • TH: Free
  • PHA: Free
  • Makeup: 81.25% MA | 10.02% AN | 8.73% XX