Wynne In Doubt

Born: 11/27/2017


38 remaining

The most Incredible Here I Am son we have seen to date and the one we have been looking for!  Huge belly, perfect feet, and maybe one of the hairiest animals we’ve found to date!!!   3/4 Angus Structure/Northern Improvement/full flush.  His round soft rib cage, high neck set, and overall chubbyness makes him more desirable than any other HIA sons on the market.  We feel he is the one we have been looking for to make highly sought after fat steers.  His hair coat and structure are unparalleled.. So, Wynne In Doubt on what to breed your cows to, here is your answer!

  • Horn Status: Polled
  • Color: Black
  • Birth Weight: 84 lbs
  • TH: Carrier
  • PHA: Free
  • Makeup: 3/4 Angus Structure/Northern Improvement/full flush
  • DS: Carrier