Goldie Locks

Born: 04/02/2014


5 remaining

The second hottest line of genetics for show champions after Monopoly is MAB.  Here is one of the best colored MAB son of 2015.  Goldie Locks is an extremely smooth shouldered and very stout version of MAB.  He is backed by one of Blaine Rodgers top donors in his reputable program with blood lines descending from Kroupa & Boysel’s M51 donor.  This young sire has all the great parts of his pedigree – (Man Among Boys x Alias/Kroupa M51).  To start with that beautiful golden hair coat color and volume.  You can surely fit offspring that have that kind of hair.  Structurally correct with a deep middle and extra extension through the front end.  Definitely the look that club calf producers want when they are selecting their AI prospects.  BW – 87 lbs, THC / PHAF.

  • Color: Golden
  • Birth Wt: 87
  • TH: Carrier
  • PHA: Free